Imbros gorge

This easily accessible gorge offers an alternative, during the spring and autumn, when the Samaria Gorge is not yet open to the public.

The 8 km long Imbros Gorge begins at a height of 900 meters and drops down to almost sea level. The average duration is 3 hours, good walking shoes is of course a requirement. This beautiful piece of nature is definitely worth seeing and can be run by children, persons with lesser condition or just people who choose to walk. The gorge ends at the village Komitades where we can relax and have a drink.

From there, the bus will take us to Frangokastello, a particularly beautiful sandy beach on the Libyan Sea, where you can swim and enjoy a sense of calmness.

At the area of Frangokastello you have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Cretan lunch. You should try the delicious Sfakian Pies, warm pita bread with Mizithra cheese inside and honey on the top.

Right next to the beach, we find the Venetian fortress of Frangokastello, a great part of the history of Crete which many times has served as a safe haven for many soldiers. The legend says that in the month of May dew shadows can be seen on the walls, the “Drosulites”. These would be the spirits of the Cretan and other Greek fighters who were killed in a bloody battle against the Turks and appear as an illusion galloping on their horses.


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