Horse riding in Pelion

The renowned Greek horses have galloped proudly through time. Beautiful and awe inspiring, they have stimulated the imagination of people and gave birth to the legend of Centaurs. Patiently they have become part of the life of the farmers and have served them loyally. A bold way to discover nature and its beauties, is from the position of the rider, where every season is ideal for it.

Enjoy nature and experience with your family and friends unique days in the mountain of Centaurs. Test yourself on the saddle and feel the adrenaline reach its peak, along with your disposition. Geographically, we are blessed because we live in an area with unbound natural beauty and an ideal climate, making it possible to enjoy ourselves all year round. Riding through the mountains and enjoying the sights and sounds of the natural environment is not a luxury, it is an experience that will revitalize you, body and soul.


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