Fly-drive Corfu

Fly and Drive is a fantastic way to visit several villages/towns of Greece incorporating unspoilt mountain villages with popular resorts. Enjoy a variation of wonderful sights and experiences along the way over a one or two week period.

Many of our guests choose to combine a week of fly and drive with a second relaxing week in a holiday resort, this could be in Parga, Lefkada or Corfu and we are able to arrange this for you also in either self catering accommodation or a hotel.

The hotels that we will suggest for your fly and drive adventure are small and friendly, tried and tested hotels which we can pre-book for you making the whole experience stress free!

The options and choices are endless – you will see below a typical route based on inbound flight to Corfu. However, we can create a specific tailor made package according to your specifications and wishes.

We will arrange for your hire car to be waiting for you upon arrival in Corfu and we can help with ferry times and prices to get you over to the mainland (Igoumenitsa port) to begin your journey

Fly to Corfu

1st night Ano Pedina – Zagoria area
2nd night Papingo – Zagoria area
3rd night Metsovo
4th night Delphi
5th night Lefkada
6th night Parga
7th night Corfu town

Below is a brief description of the areas mentioned in the example fly-drive above.

Zagori or Zagorochoria

The Zagori area is made up of 48 traditional Greek villages. Building materials consist mainly of stone, slate rock and wood. The name Zagori is of Slavic origin from the two words – “za” meaning behind and “gora” meaning mountains.

The area is divided into western, central and eastern. The western part dates back the furthest. Fertile land in positions allowing cultivation are few and far between in western Zagori, the terrain is more suited to livestock farming.

Almost all of the villages have only one central square around which the dwellings were built. Ravines, gorges, rivers, streams and valleys make this area one of the most picturesque of Greek mainland. There are some amazing stone bridges built across the rivers connecting the villages by cobbled paths and many of them date back centuries. One of the most well known bottled waters comes from the Vikos Gorge.

Ano Pedina

Located in the western part on the south west side of Mount Tymfi at an altitude of around 960 m just over 35 km north west of the city of Ioannina.


Also in the western section and again at an approximate altitude of 960 m the two villages Megalo Papingo (Big Papingo) and Micro Papingo (Small Papingo) are located within the National Park of Vikos-Aoos. With views to Astraka, the summit of Mount Timfi this is a delightfully scenic area with nearby lakes, rivers, and one of the deepest underground caves. Approximate distance from the city of Ioannina is 60 km


Perched on the mountainside at over 1000 m above sea level the picturesque small town of Metsovo has changed little over the years. Due to its growing popularity not only as a winter ski resort but also with summer tourists, buildings have increased but they stay true to the design and architecture of the older structures.
Initially as you approach you could be forgiven for thinking you were entering a Swiss village as there is a distinct resemblance!

There are lots of things to see during your visit here, impressive stone mansions, monasteries, museums, galleries, wineries and so much more as the area is rich in history and culture and it is not unusual to come across locals wearing traditional costume. There are twenty stone fountains in Metsovo, each one unique.
The Averoff Gardens are within a park of 10 acres which is full of many species of trees native to the Pindus area.

You will find a choice of ski slopes within 4 km of Metsovo.
The artificial Lake Aoou offers kayaking or bicycle riding.

An alternative way to see some of the beautiful countryside is on horseback and there are two riding centres within easy reach.

Be sure to sample the local wine and smoked cheese whilst you are there as they come highly recommended.

Metsovo is just 55 km from the city of Ioannina and is easily reached due to the construction of the Egnatia Road.


This magical town is situated at the foot of Mount Parnassos. The ancient Greeks considered Delphi to be the centre of the world. According to Greek mythology, Zeus in his endeavor to discover the exact location of the spot where heaven and earth meet making it the place on earth where one would be closest to God , sent out two eagles from the most eastern and western hemispheres and when their paths crossed at this point he considered that to be the confirmation he was seeking.

Simply overflowing with archeological treasures, the earliest finds date back to 4000 BC, the Neolithic period. There is little evidence of occupation until the eighth century BC when it is deemed the creation of the sanctuary and oracle began. The Delphi oracle became the most famous and respected of all times due to its numerous accurate predictions.

Research began in 1860 but excavations did not begin in earnest until 1891.

The modern day town of Delphi is located just west of the archeological site and is hence a popular place to stay for those wishing to explore the sites and museum.

Delphi has a good selection of places to stay and a choice of restaurants and bars.

The town has many narrow streets which made the introduction of several one way systems a necessity, so do take care when driving through the town.

Lefkas (Lefkada)

Lefkada is unique in the fact that it is an island yet you need never embark on a boat to reach it from mainland Greece due to its floating bridge and causeway!

Located on the western side of Greece and part of the Ionian Islands its easy access makes it a popular holiday resort with both Greeks and tourists alike.

After passing over the causeway you will immediately enter the principal town at the northern part of the island.

Measuring just 35 km north to south and 15 km east to west sightseeing by car is easy. In the southern part of the island is the port and resort of Vassiliki from where there are regular car and passenger ferries running to the islands of Kefalonia and Ithaki thus rendering it a good starting point for those planning to do some island hopping!

Approximately 70% of Lefkada is covered by mountains the highest of which is Mount Stavrota standing at 1182 m above sea level.

As is characteristic of the Ionian Islands it is lush with vegetation and flora and its lakes provide sanctuary to many species of birds and wildlife.

There are multitudes of beaches to choose from and the west coast boasts long stretches of golden sand. Close to the resort of Nidri you will find the Dimossari Waterfall. Cascading into the gorge, which nature has carved into the white rocks, it can be reached by following the pine tree lined footpath.

Mountain villages take you back in time, many of them have hardly changed over the decades. There are fine examples of churches and monasteries dotted around the island. Having cultivated grapes for centuries, Lefkada has several wineries producing fine local wines, perfect to accompany the delicious cuisine to be found in the resorts and villages. You will find something to satisfy even the most discerning tastebuds!

A whole range of activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, horse riding (to name but a few) will leave no room for boredom.

Lefkada will embrace you and it is unlikely that you will be satisfied with just one visit!


Located on the north west coastline of Greece, Parga is an extremely popular summer resort. The small town is dominated by the Venetian Castle on the mountainside and the whole bay is enveloped in lush green olive groves and green pine trees.

The small bustling harbour is lined with good quality restaurants and bars. Narrow cobbled streets lead you up through the town towards the Castle. In many ways this picturesque little town has the atmosphere of an island resort.

Krioneri Beach is just 50m from the centre, has a length of approximately 350m and has sunbeds, parasols, showers and pedaloes for hire. The tiny island of the Virgin Mary with its pretty whitewashed church is only a short distance from the shore, easily within swimming distance.

Piso Krioneri Beach just a little further back at around 300m from the centre is slightly smaller at approximately 180m in length and it too has parasols and sun loungers for rent.

Valtos Beach is one of the larger beaches in the area – stretching to just over 1 km . At a distance of approximately 1.3 km from the centre it takes around 20 minutes to get there on foot. Here you will find a good selection of water sports including waterskiing, scuba diving, windsurfing and paragliding.

Lichnos Beach lies in a sheltered bay at a distance of approximately 4 km from Parga Town. Here too, you will find a good variety of water sports and at a length of just over 1.2 km long it is a good stretch of beach with sun loungers and parasols for hire.

Sarakiniko is a little further afield at 19 km from Parga Town. If you do not wish to drive from town then a boat taxi is also an option. Here you are unlikely to find water sports but sun loungers and parasols are available for hire on the 450m stretch of beach.

The beaches on this part of the coastline are mostly made up of sand intermingled with some small pebbles. All of the beaches mentioned above have restaurants and mini-markets close by. Of course, there are many more smaller coves and bays that you will come across as you explore the area.


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