Albanian Adventure

An opportunity to visit two countries in one holiday! Atropa Travel Corfu in partnership with Ionian Cruises can arrange for you to participate in this full day excursion to discover Albania.

Tourism is relatively new to Albania, having been under communist leadership until 1992. In the past many citizens tried to escape the difficult conditions, heading for the shores of Corfu which at the closest point is only 2km away. Such a small distance and yet such a difference in culture.

The boat taking you on your adventure will leave Corfu at approximately 09.00, sailing time is approximately 1.5 hours before reaching the port of Agia Saranda.

An additional tour can be purchased upon arrival and is arranged directly with your guide on board. This involves a 20km tour of the south coast passing through picturesque villages and an impressive lake. The highlight though, must be the guided tour through the ruins and archaeological site of Butrint which was declared by UNESCO in 1997 as a World Heritage Site. Visitors are taken back 2500 years to the third century A.D. The extensive knowledge of the guides and their enthusiasm for sharing this information will give you a marvelous insight as to how life was in those days. Fine, well preserved examples of monuments, a priceless mosaic floor and the ancient theatre will for sure leave a lasting impression. At the top of the hill is situated the castle of Ali Pasha from Ottoman times and from here you will have a panoramic view of the lake, the ancient city and the surrounding plains – an incredible sight! The coach will arrive back in Agia Saranda at approximately 15.00 where you will be served lunch in a local restaurant, all included in the ticket price. You may have just enough time for a little shopping in the city before setting sail back to Corfu at approximately 17.00. For those of you who select this option it is recommended that you bring along a drink and a snack as lunch is rather late, as well as sunscreen and a hat due to many parts of the site having no shade and of course sturdy, comfortable footwear enabling you to reach all parts of the ruins.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can opt not to join the additional tour and simply spend the day leisurely exploring the city of Agia Saranda.

Either way, it will be a day to remember.


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