The Pelion region is located in central Greece, in the province of Magnesia, and owes its name to the mountain Pelion mountain situated in the north. The highest point of the Pelion mountain range is situated at an altitude of 1618 meters. The area is located on the Aegean Sea and extends around the Pagasitic gulf. With beaches spanning the whole east coast, the end of the peninsula touching the Aegean Sea and being actually within the Pagasitikos Gulf, Pelion with this unique combination of sea and mountain is an unequalled destination.

Pelion is also well known for its deep connections to Greek Mythology, being the home of the Centaurs, those mythical creatures who were half man and half horse. Medicinal herbs thrive in the natural environment. Pelion is the place that will enslave your senses and welcome you with open arms.

Numerous small villages, each with its own character, dotted over the mountain, complete this picturesque setting in the heart of nature. Olive trees and plane trees are the dominant species in this area, often growing to be centuries old. Pelion also produces its own delicious wine and the local drink ‘tsipouro’.

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