Beaches of the South

The beaches around Plakias

In general, the beaches of South Crete are beautiful and Plakias is the largest and most famous of them. They come in all shapes and sizes. The majority is covered with sand and some have pebbles here and there. The wind is usually normal which means that the sea is always calm and easily accessible. High waves come rarely.

Plakias beach

This beach stretches along the entire village and far beyond. On the east side begins with a fairly quiet area, which is also used often by nudists. Under the shade of the rock, it is a nice place to relax. Continuing along the beach and towards the village the area is very peaceful and there is a beach bar for a drink and possibly a small snack. At the beginning of the actual village of Plakias the beach is more frequently visited. In the middle of the village there is a river that separates the beach. After that, the beach continues next to the terraces of the taverns in Plakias. Between a drink and a snack you can cool off in the sea. At the end of the village there are rocks in the water and one can enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Souda beach

As you continue to  the coast westward, after the newly built port of Souda, you will come across some sheltered, small sandy beaches among other, Fotinari Beach. With a bit of luck you might have the beach to yourself. These beaches are sheltered and are often untouched by the wind. The beach at Souda is also a sheltered area. Although many people know this beach and visit it often and despite the presence of sunbeds and parasols, it still remains reasonably quiet. A tavern and a beach bar next to the beach can also be found here.

Pefkias beach

Immediately after Souda is the beach of Pefkias. A small beach surrounded by rocks where one can spend a nice day.

Korakas beach

Just before Rodakino is the vast beach of Korakas. A beautiful sandy beach which is only visited by few. On this beach it is possible to hire sunbeds and parasols.

Rodakino beach

This beach is pure delight. A beautiful and tranquil beach, with a tavern and if you want to eat something more elaborate, visit the tavern of the Virgin Mary. Zoi and Ioannis know how to make their guests feel at home. An excellent cuisine, impeccable service and a superb view.

Damnoni beach

It certainly means something that this beach is visited by many Greeks. Taverns, fine sandy beach, a “gentle” seabed and lovely sheltered. An ideal beach.

Amoudi beach

These beaches are also called large and small Amoudi. The names speaks for themselfs. One beach is very small and if you are fortunate enough to stay here alone, you feel like a king on earth. The other beach is also an excellent beach. Do not tell anyone, but even in July and August only a handful of people come here. It is a sandy beach and the cliffs provide shelter. A canteen can provide you with a drink and a small snack.

Shinaria beach

In the village of Lefkogia there is a sign indicating the way for the beach of Shinariá. It’s quit a walk, or a short drive with the car, but it’s worth it. Not visited by many, but a wonderful place.

As already noted, South Crete is rich in beautiful beaches. There are many more, but we wanted to bring these to your attention.