Mount Pantokrator

The summit of Pantokrator mountain is the highest point of Corfu at just over 900m

On a clear day there is a fantastic view – Greek Mainland, Albania, as well as a large part of Corfu itself and the surrounding islands.

Right at the top is perched a 14th century monastery – it must have been a huge challenge for the monks in that period to build in such a remote location without the benefits of modern machinery!

A much more recent addition is a cafeteria where visitors can enjoy a much needed refreshing drink!

The two largest villages that you will pass through as you head to the top are Spartilas and Strinilas – little has changed here over the decades and it is still possible to see working donkeys carrying various produce through the narrow streets. The older generations rarely used to leave the village, working the land and sharing meals with neighbours – of course this has changed now as every family has some means of transport.

If you visit Corfu in early August you could visit the Pantokrator celebrations on the 5th or 6th in the evening time – apart from residents of surrounding villages many Corfiots from all over the island make their way up to the monastery as well as Greek and international tourists.