Mon Repos Palace, Corfu

Mon Repos is located in the area of Kanoni on the outskirts of Corfu Town. Many archaeologists believe that the Palace is built on the spot where the ancient city of Corfu used to be and there are several excavation works in progress close by, Palaipolis (old town)

It was built in 1864 by the British Commissioner Frederic Adams for his Corfiot wife and it was later given as a gift to King George I of Greece and in 1921 was the birthplace of Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh, husband to Queen Elizabeth II of England.

During the Second World War when Italy occupied Corfu, it was the residence of Parini, who was the Italian Governor of the Ionian Islands. After that there was a long running controversy regarding ownership between the Greek government and the former Greek royal family. These days it is used as a Museum housing many Ionian artifacts and treasures.

Although not as imposing as one might imagine when hearing the word ‘palace’ it is a beautiful building in a forest area and is a popular attraction for visitors. Even in the hot summer months you can take a nice walk in the grounds under the cooling shade of the trees.