Traditional local dishes

In addition to the more familiar Greek dishes and continental fare, watch out for local specialities


Tender chunks of succulent beef in a rich, tasty red sauce – served with pasta.


Often described on menus as macaroni pie – in fact it is layers of pasta and minced beef in rich red sauce, topped with a generous layer of béchamel sauce – a key ingredient in the sauce is cinnamon


Slices of beef in a delicious garlic and white wine sauce – usually served with rice or potatoes


Chunks of tender beef and baby onions in a rich red sauce – key ingredient is cloves – usually served with rice or potatoes


Fish and potatoes cooked in a hot pepper sauce


Often cooked in individual clay pots or wrapped in baking parchment – big chunks of lamb, potatoes and sometimes some vegetables. This dish derives its name from the word ‘stolen’ and is said to have been named so from when the island was occupied and households were not supposed to slaughter any of their livestock for their own consumption – everything should have been handed over to feed the armies. The only way to do it was to dig a hole in the ground, heat up the charcoal and then position the well wrapped up meat on the coals before covering with earth to avoid escaping aromas.


This is boiled potatoes brought to an almost thick paste consistency by blending with olive oil, a dash of lemon, seasoning and generous amounts of garlic! It is a popular choice to serve with grilled fish or fried salt fish.

Corfu, traditional local dishes